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3105c 31st Avenue

The Vernon and Area Pro Life Society's office is open from 1-3 pm on Tuesdays, or by appointment by calling 250 545-5520.

We are committed to supporting life at all stages. We offer support to pregnant women in the form of information through our library, maternity wear, a listening ear, and referrals to appropriate community agencies for further assistance.

We also provide layettes, baby clothing, bottles and diapers as well as other essentials for the beginning of life.

Our library has information ranging from life before birth, child care, abortion, abstinence, natural family planning, to euthanasia. We have pamphlets, books, DVDs and miscellaneous items for your perusal. We provide "What to Expect When Expecting" free of charge to pregnant Moms.

We look forward to having a chat and meeting your needs! 

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